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Games played by Hu Yaoyu
Total: 670; won: 375; winning percentage: 56.0%

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  Game Date and Game Description
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  [1999-03-07]  6th Chinese Xinren Wang, final 2
Qiu Jun 4p Hu Yaoyu 5p B+R
  [1999-03-06]  6th Chinese Xinren Wang, final 1
Hu Yaoyu 5p Qiu Jun 4p B+R
  [1999-03-04]  6th Chinese Xinren Wang, semi-final
Hu Yaoyu 5p Zhou Junxun 9p B+1.5
  [1999-03-03]  6th Chinese Xinren Wang
Ding Wei 6p Hu Yaoyu 5p W+R
  [1999-03-02]  6th Chinese Xinren Wang
Hu Yaoyu 5p Luo Xihe 7p B+R
  [1996-05-15]  Year 1996 Chinese National Team Championships
Hu Yaoyu 4p Shao Zhenzhong 9p B+R
  [1996-02-29]  3rd Chinese Xinren Wang, round 1
Qiu Jun 3p Hu Yaoyu 3p B+1.5
  [1995-04-05]  8th Chinese Mingren, preliminary
Ding Bo 5p Hu Yaoyu 3p B+R
  [1994-05-18]  Year 1994 Chinese National Team Championships
Hu Yaoyu 1p Kong Jie 5d B+R
  [1993-09-12]  Year 1993 National Games of PRC - Go Tournament, round 6
Kong Jie 5d Hu Yaoyu 1p B+7.5
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