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Google AlphaGo vs Fan Hui 2p - five games

I really wanted to give AlphaGo an entry in Go4Go player database because it is now strong enough to beat other pro players. But I soon ran into some technical difficulties. AlphaGo doesn't have a rank yet. And I am not sure if it is male or female player Biggrin - but that field is required in my database. So I will for the moment attach the five game records to this article.

Recent game records

  •  [2016-02-09] 7th Japanese Okage Cup, preliminary: Ida Atsushi 8p (black) vs. Obuchi Kotaro 4p (white), B+R
  •  [2016-02-09] Year 2016 Chinese New Year Special: Ke Jie 9p (black) vs. Ichiriki Ryo 7p (white), B+R
  •  [2016-02-08] 41st Japanese Shinjin O, round 1: Takeuchi Kousuke 3p (black) vs. Chang Rueijie 2p (white), W+R
  •  [2016-02-08] 41st Japanese Shinjin O, round 1: Yahata Naoki 1p (black) vs. Tajiri Yuto 4p (white), W+R
  •  [2016-02-08] Korean Baduk Legend League: Cho Hunhyun 9p (black) vs. Seo Bongsoo 9p (white), B+R
 Total game records in database: 52744.
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Recent tournament score charts

  •  [2016-02-09] 42nd Japanese Tengen, Main Tournament
  •  [2016-02-09] 41st Japanese Shinjin O, Main Tournament
  •  [2016-02-08] 19th Japanese Female Kisei, Main Tournament
  •  [2016-02-08] 14th Japanese Female Kisei, Main Tournament
  •  [2016-02-06] 71st Japanese Honinbo, League
Total score charts in database: 1258. More »


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