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AlphaGo, the complete collection

On 2017-05-27, after defeating the world No.1 Go player Ke Jie during the Future of Go Summit held in Wuzhen, China, the Deepmind team announced the retirement of AlphaGo from further competitive matches. Deepmind released a set of 50 AlphaGo vs AlphaGo games. After studying these, Shi Yue 9-dan called them "games from far in the future". Professionals and amateurs alike hope to learn from these interesting games.


Recent game records

  •  [2017-07-25] 11th Korean GG Auction Cup, game 6: Kim Eunseon 5p (black) vs. An Kwanwuk 9p (white), B+4.5
  •  [2017-07-24] 36th Japanese Female Honinbo, semi-final: Inaba Karin 1p (black) vs. Yoshihara Yukari 6p (white), W+R
  •  [2017-07-24] 11th Korean GG Auction Cup, game 5: Kim Eunseon 5p (black) vs. Paek Seongho 9p (white), B+R
  •  [2017-07-23] Year 2017 Korean B League: An Joyeong 9p (black) vs. Park Changmyeong 1p (white), B+R
  •  [2017-07-23] Year 2017 Korean B League: Park Junsuck 4p (black) vs. Park Jungsoo 1p (white), B+R
 Total game records in database: 65014.
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Recent tournament score charts

  •  [2017-07-25] 36th Japanese Female Honinbo, Main Tournament
  •  [2017-07-23] 7th Japanese Igo Masters Cup, Main Tournament
  •  [2017-07-21] 42nd Japanese Kisei, League B2
  •  [2017-07-21] 42nd Japanese Kisei, League B1
  •  [2017-07-21] 42nd Japanese Kisei, League A
Total score charts in database: 1702. More »


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