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Japanese Kisei

The Japanese Kisei (棋聖戦) is the most prestigious tournament of the Japanese professional Go scene in terms of prize money. It was established in 1976 by Yomiuri Shimbun (読売新聞), a leading Japanese newspaper and a major sponsor to Japanese Go. The word 'Kisei' literally means 'Go Sage', a title that has traditionally been reserved for only the best players.

Recent game records

  •  [2015-10-08] 34th Japanese Female Honinbo, title match #1: Xie Yimin 6p (black) vs. Fujisawa Rina 3p (white), W+2.5
  •  [2015-10-08] 28th Japanese Female Meijin, league: Chinen Kaori 4p (black) vs. Suzuki Ayumi 6p (white), W+R
  •  [2015-10-08] 72nd Japanese Honinbo, preliminary: Kono Yukio 5p (black) vs. O Rissei 9p (white), W+R
  •  [2015-10-08] 41st Japanese Shinjin O, preliminary: Mutsuura Yuta 2p (black) vs. Onishi Kenya 2p (white), W+R
  •  [2015-10-08] 41st Japanese Gosei, preliminary: Cho Chikun 9p (black) vs. Uchida Shuhei 7p (white), W+R
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Recent tournament score charts

  •  [2015-10-10] 22nd Japanese Agon Cup: Main Tournament
  •  [2015-10-09] 23rd Japanese Female Honinbo: Title Match
  •  [2015-10-09] 23rd Japanese Female Honinbo: Main Tournament
  •  [2015-10-09] 24th Japanese Female Honinbo: Main Tournament
  •  [2015-10-09] 24th Japanese Female Honinbo: Title Match
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