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LG Cup

LG Cup is a major international Go tournament that has been held annually since 1997. It is the successor to Korea's domestic Kiwang tournament and it is often referred to as "LG Cup World Kiwang Tournament". The organiser is Chosun Ilbo (조선일보), one of Korea's largest media groups. The sponsor is LG Corporation. It is not to be confused with the domestic Korean LG Cup (also know as LG Refined Oil Cup, discontinued).

Recent game records

  •  [2014-09-16] 2nd Bailing Cup, round 4: Qiu Jun 9p (black) vs. Kim Jiseok 9p (white), B+R
  •  [2014-09-16] 2nd Bailing Cup, round 4: Choi Cheolhan 9p (black) vs. Ke Jie 4p (white), W+R
  •  [2014-09-16] 2nd Bailing Cup, round 4: Jin Siyoung 6p (black) vs. Park Jungwhan 9p (white), W+R
  •  [2014-09-16] 2nd Bailing Cup, round 4: Jiang Weijie 9p (black) vs. Ahn Kukhyun 5p (white), W+R
  •  [2014-09-14] 62nd Japanese NHK Cup, round 2: So Yokoku 8p (black) vs. Yamashiro Hiroshi 9p (white), B+3.5
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Recent tournament score charts

  •  [2014-09-16] 39th Japanese Meijin: League
  •  [2014-09-15] 62nd Japanese NHK Cup: Main Tournament
  •  [2014-09-15] 26th Japanese Female Meijin: Title Match
  •  [2014-09-15] 10th Korean Prices Information Cup: Main Tournament
  •  [2014-09-12] 20th Korean Female Kuksu: Main Tournament
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