Welcome to Go4Go.net, a website promoting the game of Go (also known as Weiqi in China and Baduk in Korea). Go, invented in China some 4000 years ago, is an attractive board game widely played in oriental countries and becoming increasingly popular in the west.
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The GLOBIS Cup World Go U-20 is an international tournament for young players newly introduced in 2014. It is organised by the Nihon Kiin. GLOBIS is the name of a Japanese university (and the corporation behind it) sponsoring the tournament.

Recent game records

  •  [2015-06-28] Year 2015 Korean League: Park Minkyu 4p (black) vs. Lee Sanghun 3p (white), B+R
  •  [2015-06-28] Year 2015 Korean League: Yun Junsang 9p (black) vs. Kang Yootaek 6p (white), B+R
  •  [2015-06-28] Year 2015 Korean League: Lee Donghoon 5p (black) vs. Kim Jiseok 9p (white), B+R
  •  [2015-06-28] Year 2015 Korean League: Han Taehee 4p (black) vs. Park Jungwhan 9p (white), W+R
  •  [2015-06-28] Year 2015 Korean League: Kim Seongjae 6p (black) vs. Heo Yongho 9p (white), W+R
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Recent tournament score charts

  •  [2015-06-28] 28th Chinese Mingren: Main Tournament
  •  [2015-06-27] 40th Japanese Gosei: Title Match
  •  [2015-06-27] 5th Japanese Igo Masters Cup: Main Tournament
  •  [2015-06-26] 40th Japanese Kisei: League B2
  •  [2015-06-26] 40th Japanese Kisei: League B1
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