Games Between Two Players

Yun Junsang (3 win; 3 loss) vs. Han Sanghoon

  Game Date and Game Description
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  [2012-07-17]  40th Korean Myeongin, preliminary
Han Sanghoon 6p Yun Junsang 9p B+R
  [2011-10-14]  Year 2011 Korean League
Yun Junsang 9p Han Sanghoon 5p W+0.5
  [2009-07-03]  Year 2009 Korean League
Yun Junsang 7p Han Sanghoon 4p B+4.5
  [2008-02-04]  5th Korean King of Kings, preliminary
Yun Junsang 6p Han Sanghoon 2p W+R
  [2007-05-16]  Year 2007 Korean League
Yun Junsang 6p Han Sanghoon 1p B+R
  [2007-05-09]  41st Korean Wangwi, challenger decision match
Han Sanghoon 1p Yun Junsang 6p W+R