Games Between Two Players

Xie Yimin (1 win; 3 loss) vs. Ichiriki Ryo

  Game Date and Game Description
Black White Result Replay Download Print
  [2018-05-15]  9th Japanese Okage Cup, 3,4 place decision
Ichiriki Ryo 8p Xie Yimin 6p B+13.5
  [2017-02-16]  4th Championship of Tournament Winners, round 3
Ichiriki Ryo 7p Xie Yimin 6p B+R
  [2013-12-16]  70th Japanese Honinbo, preliminary
Ichiriki Ryo 3p Xie Yimin 6p B+R
  [2012-06-25]  8th Japanese Daiwa-Shoken Cup, preliminary
Ichiriki Ryo 2p Xie Yimin 6p W+R