Go4Go Game Collection Download

Dear Go4Go Game Delivery Service customer, this page is for you to download the complete Go4Go collection.

The games are packaged in a Zip file. At this moment, the file size is about 76.2 MB and the package contains 103050 games. It has been updated on 2022-05-15.

Note that the download area is password protected. Please find the username and password from the email confirming your subscription. Please note that such login information is for one-time temporary use only and should not be confused with the user account you may have to access Go4Go.net website.

  • Click === here === to start the download.

As long as your subscription for the Go4Go Game Delivery Service is active, you will receive our weekly game packages with the latest games so that your collection will continue to grow in size. From time to time, we also add historical games to the collection in batches. These are not part of the weekly delivery. However, you are entitled to download the entire collection again every time you renew your yearly subscription.

Hope you enjoy this service and enjoy the games!