Huang Longshi Cup

Huang Longshi, a Chinese guoshou of the 17th century, is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished go players in history. This tournament is named after him because it is held at Jiangyan, a small town in Jiansu province of China, known as Huang's hometown. The tournament was first introduced in 2011 as an international women's team tournament. In 2012 it became a win-and-continue team tournament for the three major Go-playing countries - China, Japan and Korea - apparently to replace the defunct Jeongganjang Cup. The tournament was previously referred to as Shuangdeng Cup after its sponsor, a local enterprise providing green energy solutions. The current sponsors is Jingduan Keji (Pacific Precision Forging), another local listed high-tech company.
Tournament Format: 
For term 1, four teams from China, Japan, Korea and Chinese Taipei, each with 3 players, competed in a round-robin fashion. Win and continue format has been adopted since term 2, with China, Japan and Korea each sending 5 players. Each country has its own way to select representatives, via preliminary tournaments or by recommendation. Up to 14 games are played each year, over two stages. From 2017, the tournament has been condensed so that there are two games on most days.
Prize Money: 
Winning team receives 450,000 CNY prize money. There is also a game fee of 8,000 CNY for each player each game. For term 1, the four teams split the prize pool of 400,000 CNY as 200,000/100,000/50,000/50,000.
Time System: 
Current time format: 1 hour for each side plus 1-minute 'byoyomi'. Games in term 1 were longer with 2 hours for each side.
Ruleset and Komi: 
Chinese rule with 3 and 3/4 stones komi (equivalent to 7.5 points).
Key Players, Events and Statistics: 
Wang Chenxing set a record of eight consecutive wins in term 2. Yu Zhiying won 6 games in a row in term 3, but even that was not enough for her team.
Historical Results: 
TermYearWinner2nd Place3rd PlaceFinal gameScorechartWinning streak
22012ChinaJapanKoreaWang Chenxing: 8
32013KoreaChinaJapanYu Zhiying: 6
42014ChinaKoreaJapanKim Hyeoimin: 5
52015KoreaChinaJapanOh Jeonga/Song Ronghui: 5
62016ChinaKoreaJapanKim Cheayoung: 4; Wang Chenxing: 3
72017KoreaChinaJapanOh Jeonga: 4
Go4Go Collection Note: 
Go4Go collection contains all games from this tournament.


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