Korean Future Stars Tournament


This tournament is jointly sponsored by Mok Jinseok 9-dan and his father (who is an entrepreneur and used to be a board member of the Korean Baduk Association). The tournament is designed to help young players who otherwise don't have enough formal games to play. It is unclear at the time of writing whether this tournament will repeat in future years.

Tournament Format: 

The tournament is open to players who become professional for less than three years and who are not strong enough to appear in the Korean league. The Mok family specifically wants to avoid using elimination format, in order to give young players more opportunities to play competitively. The preliminary stage is a 4-round Swiss tournament. The top 14 finishers are then evenly divided to play in two leagues. Two league winners go on to play a best-of-3 match to decide the title winner.

Prize Money: 
6,000,000 KRW for the winner; 3,500,000 KRW for the runner-up; 1,000,000 for each player reaching the league stage.
Time System: 
League stage: 2 hours main time followed by 3 periods of 1-minute byoyomi; preliminary stage: 1 hour main time and 1 1-minute byoyomi.
Ruleset and Komi: 
Korean rule with 6.5-point komi
Key Players, Events and Statistics: 

Nothing special so far.

Historical Results: 






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Park Jaekeun


Choi Jaeyoung

Go4Go Collection Note: 
Go4Go has all games from league stage and after.