Go4Go Change Log

Go4Go.net is under active maintenance and development. We aim to be the best Go information site serving the western Go community. Following is a list of latest changes:

  • [2016-01-09] - There are now many discussions on the new page http://www.go4go.net/go/game-discussions on the recent popular games. The back-end system is also updated to support identical syntax as used on lifein19x19.com so diagrams can be transferred from one site to another without editing.
  • [2016-01-07] - The Tournament Profiles page has been expanded to include 27 major tournaments. These are most comprehensive information on these major Go tournament. More to be added over the time.
  • [2015-12-15] - I have over the years posted hundreds of posts online regarding professional games, many contains analysis on interesting board positions. I am moving these posts back to Go4Go in an attempt to encourage users to participate discussions here. The index page for these discussions is at http://www.go4go.net/go/game-discussions or click the 'More' link under the 'Recent game discussions' section on the home page.
  • [2015-12-05] - I finally got time to fix the back-end code handling game comments. This was somewhat broken because of a constraint in the base content management system (CMS). I have now acquired the technical skill to extend the CMS! A good side effect is that the site-wide search function now works much better than before. Type a player name in the search box and try by yourself.
  • [2015-11-30] - I start compiling data into a new database table. It contains information on those games with known outcomes but without kifus. Using this new set of information I am able to fill the missing entries in the tournament score charts. Those entries are shown with a light yellow background. If you can supply the missing game records please kindly contact me. The additional information will also be used to generate more accurate player ranks.
  • [2015-11-22] - Improvement of tournament game chart pages: female player names are now shown in red color if the tournament isn't for women only. Almost all functions of the popular Mr. Kin's Go News site is now available. And the Go4Go version is computer generated so the chances of human error is reduced to the minimum. I think this is a very healthy competition. Mr Kin also recently introduced some nice javascript to aid the navigation of his pages.
  • [2015-10-08] - Go4Go now has a new 'Top-ranked Players' page at http://www.go4go.net/go/players/rank which is made possible by goratings.org providing its data feed. This page will update itself every six hours to pick up newly available data. I also compiled nearly 200 photos of those top-rated players. This will be an ongoing project.
  • [2015-10-01] - Some of you with eagle eyes may have noticed minor changes to the Go4Go site. It is not just some small tweaks to the layout, but the introduction of a so-called responsive theme, making the site shown much better on smartphones. Try it on your phones, most pages should look reasonably good now particularly in landscape view.
  • [2015-09-28] - Go4Go database just reached the 50,000-game milestone earlier today. Quality is very important - over the past 6 months or so about 1700 existing games were updated with more accurate information.
  • [2015-08-01] - After moving Go4Go.net to a new server, a few people reported that the printable kifu function was broken. This was fixed a few days ago. I replaced the old Java based code by a new PHP code so that I do not need to manage an extra application server on the hosting machine. I went on to write more code splitting the printable kifu into 30 or 50 moves per diagram - this should be useful for people who read diagrams for studying.
  • [2015-07-16] - In an interesting collaboration, Go4Go has shared data with Rémi Coulom so that he can apply his WHR algorithm to generate player ratings. See http://www.goratings.org for more information.
  • [2015-02-09] - A fan at lifein19x19 asked me to create a new page to show games played between professional and amateur players. Please find this in the newly created 'Special Topics' from the menu. Or here is the direct link: http://www.go4go.net/go/games/special
  • [2015-02-08] - Just added the 46,000th game to the Go4Go database. Since the introduction of the Go News section of the site, I am to use it to guide my compilation which results in improved efficiency. And as of today there are 1128 tournament score charts.


Being retired right now I spend quite some time replaying games. I prefer the games between the top players, who wouldn't? I like the link with goratings, which helps me to look for those games. Question: could there be a subset view which shows the games between the top-20 players of the day?

Kind regards,