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There are 144 active tournaments in Go4Go database.

Chinese Tournaments
  Chinese Tianyuan
  Chinese Mingren
  Chinese Changqi Cup
  Chinese Lanke Cup
  Chinese Xinren Wang
  Chinese Agon Cup
  Chinese CCTV Cup
  Chinese Longxing
  Chinese Qisheng
  Chinese Wanbao Cup Amateur
  Chinese League A
  Chinese League B
  Chinese League C
  Chinese Individual Championship
  Chinese Individual Championship (Female)
  Chinese Rank Promotion
  Chinese Sports Congress
  Chinese Mind Sports Games
  Chinese Hongda Cup
  Chinese Women's League A
  Chinese Jianqiao Cup
  Chinese Bailing Cup
  Chinese Female Guoshou
  Chinese Southwest Qiwang
  Chinese Weifufangkai Cup
  National Games of PRC - Go Tournament
  Lanke Cup (Female)
  Chinese Xinxiu Tournament
  Langzhong City Cup Chinese Female Mingren
  Chinese King of Kings
  Yuan 19 Cup New Shodan Competition
  Chinese Guoshou (Kaifeng)
Korean Tournaments
  Korean Kuksu
  Korean GS Caltex Cup
  Korean Chunwon
  Korean Olleh Cup
  Korean Myeongin
  Korean Maxim Cup
  Korean KBS Cup
  Korean League
  Korean B League
  Korean Women's League
  Korean Female Myeongin
  Korean Female Kuksu
  Korean GG Auction Cup
  Korean Future Stars Tournament
  Korean Veteran Series
  Korea Senior Baduk League
  Korean Daejoo Cup
  Korean Female Kiseong
  Korean Crown Haitai Cup
  Korean Shinin-Wang
  Hapcheon County Elite Tournament
  Korean Yongseong
  Korean Baduk TV Cup
  Kuksu Mountains Korean Domestic Tournament
  Korean Strongest Players
  Korean ORO 30-40 Go Championship
  Hanguk Kiwon Championship
  Korean IBK Cup Women's Tournament
  Korean New Star Choegowi
  Korean Lakeside Cup Lady's Tournament