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Welcome to! This page contains a list of help topics.

User account is an open environment that encourages users to share their opinions. For this reason, you are highly recommended to register a Go4Go account. By having a free user account, you get extra privileges, such as:

  • Posting in forums, commenting on articles and game record pages.
  • Accessing, downloading and printing SGF game records.
  • Enjoying user-specific functions (for example, your know which games you have studied already).
  • Accessing free sample Go game commentaries.
  • Being awarded Go4Go credits by participating community activities and spending them on premium contents.

Online SGF viewers

Depending on context, one of the following SGF viewer programs is used:

  • Go4Go's own SGF viewer - A modern HTML5-based Go board program with simple navigation and convenient trial-play functions.
  • Eidogo - A Javascript-based SGF viewer/editor that is supported by a wider range of browsers. This is slightly more portable and is particularly suitable for old devices.
  • Goswf - A nice-looking Flash-based SGF viewer (Flash is widely supported by not on IOS). This is used in the Go Commentaries section to display SGF with comments and branches.

On our online SGF viewer pages, user is able to select preferred SGF viewer and the selection will be remembered by the system for future visits.

Text formats in your post

A number of text formats are supported so that visitors can choose their favorite writing methods. In addition to plain text, you may use the popular BBCode to format your post. More computer literate users may find it convenient to format text using HTML directly. Please refer to this Guide on text formats.

Using Go diagrams and discussing board positions


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We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. In addition to the standard cookies set by the content management system, Go4Go only saves few extra pieces of information, such as your preferred SGF viewer.

Copyright notice

Go4Go hosts one of the most reliable and frequently updated Go game record database on the Internet. In western countries, it is widely believed (but rarely tested in courts) that a collection of games such as the Go4Go database is copyrightable, although individual game records cannot be copyrighted. The original contents shown on this site, such as articles and game commentaries, are of course copyrightable. Go4Go asserts its rights to any copyright that may apply.

Go4Go has be been providing mostly free online Go studying materials to the community since 1999. Users are advised not to jeopardise this service by using technical means (e.g. robot programs) to mass download materials from this website. Please contact us if you are interested in using Go4Go data to create your own Go products or services. In most cases mutually beneficial agreements can be reached and Go4Go can provide APIs to facilitate your work.