Using special emotion icons to discuss board positions

To make it easy to discuss board positions, especially together with Go diagrams, has defined a collection of board markup symbols as emotion icons (also known as smilies) to use in posts. Just like you can display a happy face by using :), you can also use our predefined text sequences to display move numbers and special symbols.

Use the following text in a post:
*b1* *b2* *b3* *b4* *b5* *b6* *b7* *b8* *b9* *b10* ...... *b99* *b100*
*w1* *w2* *w3* *w4* *w5* *w6* *w7* *w8* *w9* *w10* ...... *w99* *w100*
*bo* *bc* *bs* *bt* *bx* *wo* *wc* *ws* *wt* *wx* *ec* *es* *et* *ex*

They will be replaced by the following icons:
Black 1 Black 2 Black 3 Black 4 Black 5 Black 6 Black 7 Black 8 Black 9 Black 10 ...... Black 99 Black 100

White 1 White 2 White 3 White 4 White 5 White 6 White 7 White 8 White 9 White 10 ...... White 99 White 100

Black only Black circle Black square Black triangle Black cross White only White circle White square White triangle White cross Empty circle Empty square Empty triangle Empty cross

Alternatively, use colon to wrap around the text as some other Go websites do, e.g.:
:b1: :b2: :b3: :b4: :b5: :b6: :b7: :b8: :b9: :b10: ...... :b99: :b100:
:w1: :w2: :w3: :w4: :w5: :w6: :w7: :w8: :w9: :w10: ...... :w99: :w100:
:bo: :bc: :bs: :bt: :bx: :wo: :wc: :ws: :wt: :wx: :ec: :es: :et: :ex:

Our content management system also supports a large number of ordinary emotion icons. Just a few examples: Smile:) Sad:( Biggrin:D Wink;-) Shok=O

Occasionally, the system might get confused when interpreting these text filters. For example, an emotion icon's text representation might interfere with other symbols used nearby. Adding extra white spaces before or after the text representation can often solve the problem. Do use 'preview' when posting.