Chinese Tournament

Chinese Changqi Cup

Changqi Cup (倡棋杯中国围棋职业锦标赛) is a major Chinese domestic Go tournament sponsored by the Ing family and its Go foundation. The tournament is smartly named: changqi(倡棋) literally means 'promoting Go'; it is also the Chinese pinyin of the given name of Ing Chang-Ki, the millionaire businessman who spent his lifetime promoting Go. Ing Chang-Ki passed away in 1997. In memory of him, his family created this tournament in 2004. Each year, the main tournament often starts on his birthday 23rd of October.

Chinese Xinren Wang

Chinese Xinren Wang is a major tournament for emerging Chinese new talents. 'Xinren Wang', literally meaning the 'king of new people', is the Chinese equivalent of Japanese 'Shinjin O'. When this tournament first started in 1994, it attracted Japanese sponsorship. Since 2007 it has been officially associated with Jianqiao, a Shanghai-based private university, whose wealthy owner is a big fan and supporter of Go.

Chinese Tianyuan

The Tianyuan tournament (中国围棋天元战) is a traditional Chinese tournament that has been held annually since 1987. Its main sponsor is Xinmin Wanbao, an evening newspaper based in Shanghai. The publisher behind the newspaper also published popular Go magazine Xinmin Weiqi that was unfortunately discontinued in 2002. In recent years, this tournament is often associated with Tongli, a small town and tourist attraction near Shanghai that hosts a lot of Go activities.

Chinese Qisheng

When it started in 2013, the full name of this tournament was Luoyang Longmen Cup Chinese Qisheng tournament (洛阳龙门杯中国棋圣战). Luoyang is a city in central China's Henan province. Longmen is apparently a reference to the city's local World Heritage Site Longmen Grottoes, the home of thousands of Budda statues. Qisheng is the Chinese equivalence of 'Kisei' meaning 'Go sage'. The tournament came to a stop after two years, but re-emerged as Baiyunshan Cup (白云山杯), a reference to the local tourist site White Cloud Mountain National Forest Park.

Chinese Ricoh Cup

The Chinese Ricoh Cup (理光杯职业围棋个人赛) was a Chinese fast-game tournament held between 2000 and 2015. It was organised by the Chinese Weiqi Association and sponsored by RICOH China Co., Ltd. It's also known from some western sources as Liguang Cup, 'Liguang' being the Chinese pinyin of the sponsor's name - something isn't really necessary as Ricoh is a well-known international brand. When the tournament first started in 2000, it was merely a small 8-player invitational tournament. It had evolved into one of the largest fast-game tournaments in China.

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