All you need to know about Carpenter's Square - 17

Diagram 17.1: White to play

Black corner is under more pressure. How can white make good use of White square ?

Diagram 17.2: Solution

Unlike Diagram 16.2, because of White square , black has to play Black 4 , leaving the key point White 5 to white. After White 9 the situation is so-called 'Golden Chicken Standing on One Leg' and black is dead.

Diagram 17.3: Solution 2

Trying to emulate Diagram 16.7, black plays Black 2 . However, because of White square , White 7 is possible now. There is simply not enough eyespace in the corner. Black is dead too.

Diagram 17.4: Variation

We've mentioned earlier that Black 4 does not work. White can follow the sequence in Diagram 16.9 and play Black 6 directly to kill. Or even simpler white can play White 5 here. White 7 is a good move, creating miai points 'a' and 'b'. Black can not survive.

Conclusion: this is one of the simplest shapes we've covered so far. Black has no chance.