Go4Go Android Client


Dear Mace
What is the difference between free and paid versions?

I really would like to know about it. Also, I believe adding this info on the app stores pages, would increase the conversion of the app.

According to the Google Play Store free version description, "This is a free version supported by advertisements in the game list. This App is otherwise fully functional."

Yes that is an accurate description for the current version. This may change in the future version, in particular when major new functions (such as pattern search) are introduced.


I love Go4Go and since I have an Android device I can now study games on the go, which is awesome! Thank you so much, I'll buy the paid version in order to support you Smile

Kepp up the good work!

Thank you for supporting this work.

Would it be possible to add a "guess the next move" function to the viewer? That would be awesome!

Hi macelee,
Do you plan on releasing a version for iOS at some point in the future?

I don't see any technical challenges doing that, but finding enough spare time for the development may be difficult.

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The "open with" doesn't work with Android app, which was raised a year ago (2018) and yet to get fixed. In the meantime, there's no download or save as function, which limits the usefulness of the app a lot.

Thanks, Dino

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With the web version (go4go.net), I see English as display language (players, tournaments, etc.), but in the Android app, I see Chinese as display language, the problem is no option to select display language. Not sure what is going on here.