Problems with Commented Games that charge points

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Problems with Commented Games that charge points

Firstly, the site will double charge for going to the same game that you've paid for before. This means you HAVE to download all your files for every visit otherwise you're gonna have to keep repaying for the same game you've previously already paid for.

Secondly, all the files downloaded are named "_comments". Downloading and renaming every file one by one is no fun. Sad

Thirdly, since there is no option to purchase the commented games outright and the forum community here is as good as dead to earn bonus points from, I reckon there isn't a soul here that has ever really utilised that section of that site fully. Most of the commented collection is just collecting dust. At this point, please consider just asking Alexander for permission or something to release it all pretty please or revamp the point system unless you want pretty much no one to ever appreciate the majority of those files.

I've downloaded a handful of

I've downloaded a handful of commented games and I'm not entirely convinced of the value so far.

I do appreciate having access to a lot of pro games though