GoGameGuru dead?

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GoGameGuru dead?

Until recently I was quite a huge fan of GoGameGuru, their site was interesting because of the weekly life and death problems, and the commented games, that were high class.

Until recently: that is, until the Lee - AlphaGo match, after which the site became awfully silent. I checked quite regularly, and today I got the message that the domain name has expired. As Go4go used GoGameGuru for the information about the event calendar, I wonder if maybe MaceLee knows what is going on.

If GoGameGuru is not active anymore, I would like to say that I regret this loss, as the site was run enthousiastically, and in my opinion the quality was high. Hopefully this is just a temporary setback?

Kind regards,

The site was down for a bit

The site was down for a bit but it's back up.

Hopefully it's just temporary

Hopefully it's just temporary and they'll be back again.