Iyama Yuuta vs. Cho U

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Iyama Yuuta vs. Cho U

They are fighting the Kesei title. They have previously met 6 times in multi-game title matches of major tournaments:

Year Tournament (winner)
* 2008 Meijin (Cho)
* 2009 Meijin (Iyama)
* 2011 Kisei (Cho)
* 2011 Judan (Iyama)
* 2012 Judan (Iyama)
* 2012 Oza (Iyama)

Since 2012, the balance has shift significantly toward Iyama and he has a 8-1 lead in their recent games.

Iyama also aims to break Cho's record of holding 5 major titles simultaneously. Cho achieved that in 2009 (winning Meijin, Judan, Tengen, Oza and Gosei tiles). Iyama already has 5 titles now (Tengen, Judan, Honinbo, Gosei and Oza).