Lee Sedol reached 1000-win milestone

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Lee Sedol reached 1000-win milestone

According to Korean media, Lee Sedol reached the 1000-win milestone on 2012-12-26. The new is delayed because of a change in accounting method used by the Korean Go Association. From now on, the games played by Korean guest players in the Chinese city leagues are considered official games and taken into account for statistics purpose. Lee is only the 6th Korean player to reach this milestone.

Player win/draw/loss winning % Cho Hunhyun: 1888/9/799 70.21% Lee Changho: 1622/0/548 74.75% Seo Bongsoo: 1514/3/879 63.27% Yoo Changhyuk: 1180/2/633 65.09% Seo Nungwuk: 1009/5/709 58.73% Lee Sedol: 1003/2/402 71.39%
how many other pros have

how many other pros have reached 1000 wins?

Pros reaching 1000 wins

There are quite a number of Japanese players reaching this milestone, with the leading board occupied by those famous players from Kitani's school: Cho Chikun, Kobayashi Koichi, Kato Masao, Otake Hideo, Ishida Yoshio and Takemiya Masaki. There are a few other good players also ranking high on the list, such as Rin Kaiho and O Rissei.

The Chinese are not good at doing statistics. There is no such records, at least officially.