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Brand new Here..I'm pretty much a rookie playing go..Played a couple of moths at a go club in Denver before I moved here..at 67 is it even possible to learn to play a halfway decent game of go or will I be ever floundering around.?

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Hi Tom,

Welcome to Go4Go. Go is such a wonderful game that people of all ages can enjoy it. In China, many children start learning it from age of 5. On the other end of the scale, in Japan, some 90-year-old players still play it professionally. And you don't have to be at a level 'halfway decent' or even 'quarter-way decent' to enjoy it. There are plenty of materials on the Internet for people of all levels.

thank you

thank you

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Hi Tom,
I just wanted to add this little comment, Don't worry about age or level, just enjoy playing the game, you will get better by enjoying than worrying about levels.


The only time one should really think about age is if you're trying to become a pro.

Just put your heart into every move, and try to feel every move. You would naturally improve-- in fact, in my opinion, the hardest thing that kyu players, including child kyu players of course, have to do improve is to think before playing a move, or playing with purpose. When instilled into a 5 year old, by the time they're 7-9 they can focus on improving their game.

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Enjoy the game! I'm a 15 year old! Go is for all ages!

Age is of no consequence

Hi Tom,
In one of the clubs I used to play in, there was a nice gentleman who learned to play at the age of 76. He wanted to be able to play with his grandson. I haven´t seen him in a while, but at the age of 83 he was about 8-10 kyu and still very serious about learning. More importantly, he really enjoyed the game.
So, your still very young Wink

Kind Regards,

Club in Denver.

Hi, Tom. If you still in Denver and want to play or improve in Go - come to our club. We meet every Saturday from ! to 5 in the Eloise May Library (NW corner of Parker and Florida). 1-2 - study, 2-4 - games. Mostly kids, but everybody welcome! Will be glad to see you.

Glad to see this comment

I was wondering the same thing. I have just started and am 50 years old. I guess it is all about having fun. I have to say though my phone beats me all the time! I really like being able to view games on this site as it gives a beginner better understanding of how to play the game. Really glad I found this website. Thanks