What happened to the Go Record Delivery Service?

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What happened to the Go Record Delivery Service?

Off and on, I have thought about subscribing to your go record delivery service. My main interest was because you offer records not readily available elsewhere, such as from the preliminary rounds of major tournaments, league games, etc. However, I have not visited the site for a while until today and now I find no mention at all of the delivery service. Have you cancelled it completely? If so, I think another premium service might be the ability to download sections of your database in zip files. For instance, suppose that I wanted to download all of the games in the old Japan-China Supergo, or the Japanese Old Meijin tournament databases, which have relatively few games in them, each of those would cost a certain amount of credits. Databases with larger numbers of games would cost more credits. Now, there is no way to get these games in bulk if desired. I remember you posting that you would consider it impolite for the free users to download more than about 50 games manually per day. That is surely reasonable. What if people want to download more than that and are willing to pay for the privilege? Usually, it seems that the only games widely available on the internet are from the finals of the major tournaments.

Re: What happened to the Go Record Delivery Service?

Hi myshlev, welcome back to Go4Go! As you have noticed, the site looks quite different now. This is a new version I launched in early 2013. I am happy to see that old users keep coming back (in your case I can see your account is more than 5 years old).

Yes, I do have some unique sources for those relatively hard-to-find game records, including, for example, Japanese friends transcribing games for me from newspapers.

The Game Delivery Service has been moved to this page:


Apart from some cosmetic changes, it works almost the same as before.

Your suggestion of additional premium service sounds interesting. You may have noticed there are virtual credits attached to your user account. I might be able to implement something using that credit system, if there is enough interests.