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Link with move number

Is it possible to create a link to a specific move in a game? For example something like would jump to the 38th move of the game.

Re: Link with move number

This function is already there. In your example, the URL should be:

Note this will only work if Go4Go's own game viewer is used. I don't know how to pass that information into Eidogo.

Feel free to use these URLs to refer to Go4Go games from elsewhere. These URLs will remain valid.

Great! Thanks, I could not

Great! Thanks, I could not find this info anywhere. Are there other hidden tricks like this that I should know about? Smile

P.S. I don't like the Eidogo viewer anyway, no loss for me there.

Another trick

This is about the only major trick.

Sometimes you may want to use the following in your posts:


which gives you: