Go4Go Game Delivery Service

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Studying professional games is one of the most effective ways to improve your Go playing skill. Go4Go.net is proudly hosting the most frequently updated and well maintained Go game record database. We have been serving the western Go community since 1999. While individual games can be freely viewed online at Go4Go.net, or downloaded subject to a monthly limit, serious Go players may consider obtaining the entire Go4Go SGF database for offline studies (e.g. using in Go database software to study joseki/fuseki). For only €9.99 (Euro) a year, Go4Go provides a weekly game delivery service that saves your time and effort to collect professional games online.

How does the service work?

Each week, active subscribers will receive a package of latest professional games by email. At least 1500 games are expected to be emailed to you annually (in fact more than 2000 were sent over recent years), including games from all major international tournaments, as well as important games from domestic tournaments of China, Japan and Korea. The weekly delivery usually occurs on Sunday.

Go4Go game collection

When you first subscribe to the game delivery service, you get our existing database (a package of 40000+ games in SGF format) for free; each time you renew your subscription, you are entitled to download the complete collection again, which includes updated games with more accurate information and additional historical games Go4Go.net collects throughout the year.

Four reasons to use the Go4Go service:

  • Promptness: While other database suppliers use Asian yearbooks as their major source of game records (which means delay in getting most recent games), Go4Go.net is able to deliver up-to-date games due to its owner's Asian origin. Games from major events are often added to the database within 24 hours they are played and delivered to you the same week.
  • Uniqueness: Go4Go.net has unique sources to obtain hard-to-find games. For example, our contributors supply Japanese preliminary-stage games which are often never published online.
  • Data Integrity: All games in the Go4Go collection have complete and accurate game information translated into English in a consistent manner (How is Go4Go database compiled?). Move sequences are verified both manually and by computer programs to ensure the highest possible quality. This collection works well with existing Go database software (such as Kombilo).
  • Affordability: If you are using other commercial Go databases but do not want to subscribe to their pricy updating systems, Go4Go service is a perfect low-cost alternative.

To subscribe or renew this service, please first provide an email address: