What's wrong with the name Gu Li?

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What's wrong with the name Gu Li?

The quick answer is that the name is not very search engine friendly.

I am trying the improve the search functions on Go4Go as the default search box now only searches articles and forum posts. The content management system doesn't yet understand the pages I created for Go games so putting a player or tournament name in the search box won't return those related games.

While trying to fix the above, I ran into another rather interesting technical problem. If I put "Gu Li" in the search box, I got an error message "You must include at least one positive keyword with 3 characters or more".

I tried another popular Go site "life1n19x19" and I got "The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words: gu li".

Putting "Gu Li" in Google, the first page results contain only three entries related to the Go player.

This constraint is quite understandable as we have few 2-letter and meaningful words in English. But omitting one of our top professionals from search result is rather inexcusable. I will see what I can do. Any suggestions?

What's wrong with the name Gu Li?

It is a play on words - to be caught by the goolies is unpleasant.
apologies to our older members(sic)

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This is a typical problem

This is a typical problem when what you are searching for contains short words (for example: "go." You can get around this by using Google's site search function. To find where "gu li appears on go4go.net, type: gu li site:go4go into a google search box.

Google Site Search

I just followed your suggestion and tried Google Site Search. It works really well. I can even on Google preview what I would get by typing in www.go4go.net and the keyword. I will definitely consider using Google if I fail to find a way to program my search box.

Tony Hiran
Also if you include quotes

Also if you include quotes when searching on google, it won't show entries just containing "gu" or "li", but would search for the entire phrase